Friday, April 2, 2010

Pie Madness

I love March madness.
Not because I know that much about basketball.
I don't.
I mean I "play" basketball. I've "played" on teams. And besides the time I "passed" to someone behind me (that's right, over the back of my head), I'm a really good sub.

But every March I really wish I were more of a baller. The brackets, the talk around the water cooler, the pools of sounds cool. I often fill out brackets with total guesses and surprisingly I've never had an even SLIGHTLY successful bracket.

However, I think all of that has just changed. I just found a bracket that I think I could actually rock.
The competition is nearing it's close. Go here to place your vote for the Elite 8, and don't forget:

Go Team Pie!!
(see original tournament rules here)

p.s. Why isn't anyone talking about this one around the water cooler??

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